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Our Shea Butter Story

Bath By Bettijo’s Shea Butter is a unique raw shea butter imported through a partnership with a village in Ghana. This superior African Shea Butter is made to meet our high standards using the traditional method. Absolutely no chemicals are used in the process.

Shea Butter is extracted from the pit of a fruit, resembling a plum, which grows on the Mangifolia Tree, also called the Shea Nut Tree. The Shea fruit is gathered and the nuts are removed, dried and pulverized into a fine paste. This paste is boiled and the Shea Butter separates to the top.

The moisturizing power of Shea Butter was once a revered secret of the natives in the savannas of Central Africa, where the Mangifolia Tree grows wild. Traditionally, Shea healing butter has been used in Africa as a healing balm for rheumatism, muscle aches, burns, and light wounds. Shea Butter softens and nourishes skin and is believed to have antioxidant and regenerative properties. This emollient is especially useful for renewing skin suffering from the effects of sun or wind.

Since our Raw Shea Butter does not go through the typical refining processes, the butter's creamy texture melts readily as you massage, delivering all the healing goodness naturally available in pure Shea Butter directly to your skin.


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